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Wilson X Connected Smart Basketball Review

As technology is progressing, every other inanimate object seems to become “smart.” While smart TVs, smart coffee makers, smart cars and smart baby monitors are becoming hugely popular, now there are smart basketballs for sports lovers. These basketballs come with multiple sensors that are built into them and look for patterns made by the ball’s… Read More »

Spalding Official NBA Game Ball Review

Every basketball player wants to get their hands on the best basketball, but what is the best basketball? That is the question that players often ask at some point in time. There is a broad range of basketballs available on the market today. Although the differences may be subtle, they can have a huge impact… Read More »

Spalding TF-1000 Classic Indoor Ball Review

Original TF-1000 was one of the best basketballs ever designed and produced. Over the last couple of years, Spalding released a couple of different versions of this ball hoping to enjoy the previous success. Although this model is slightly inferior to the original, it is inferior none the less and it makes you wonder why… Read More »

Wilson Solution Official NCAA Basketball Review

If you want to get a good indoor basketball and don’t spend a fortune, Wilson NCAA Official ball known as Solution is your best choice. This ball gets almost maximum rating on most reviews and there is truth in these numbers. This ball has all the major features most people would look and want in… Read More »

Molten X-Series GG7X Composite Basketball Review

Molten has established its name through their dedicated work and close relationship with the governing body for basketball in the world, FIBA. Molten balls are being used in all competition organized by FIBA and some other national competitions. With the seal of approval displayed even on their basketballs, Molten made sure that their brand is… Read More »

Baden Elite Basketball Review

Baden Elite series balls have been consistently rated with the highest marks by the users. The reason behind it is simple: it’s a ball made by a company listening to the players’ feedback. Not to say that the competitors don’t do the same, but Baden really took it to another level with Elite series. We… Read More »

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review

There are classics, and then there are modern classics. Evolution series basketballs definitely deserve to be in the conversation for the modern classics category. Wilson is already an established name in sporting apparel and the overall quality of their products should never be questioned, but basketball is not their traditional market so we took a… Read More »