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GlowCity Glowing in The Dark LED Basketball

CHECK PRICE on AMAZON GlowCity Light Up Basketball is an official size basketball with 29.5″ circumference. This LED basketball is all you need when you do not want to stop playing day and night. Due to its amazing specs and features, GlowCity LED basketball has become popular in a short time. Everyone is looking to… Read More »

Wilson Killer Crossover Review

Spring time is usually time to start looking for a new recreational outdoors basketball. Although there is fun in looking up new models and finding the alternatives, I already know which one I will buy. It will be the same one I used last year. Wilson Killer Crossover basketball really surprised me the balance between… Read More »

Spalding Never Flat Review

Quality outdoor basketballs are not an easy item to find. The problem is that they have to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear and still soft enough so you get the best feel. Spalding struck an excellent balance with this model. This is an Official NBA size and weight ball that can… Read More »

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Review

Outdoors basketballs rarely use soft grip technology due to the fact that the wear and tear is much harder. You have to be ready to compromise durability for that extra soft touch. Spalding seems to have the right formula regarding this issue and their Street Phantom Outdoor basketball has become quite popular amongst the casual… Read More »

Baden Crossover Flex Review

Finding a basketball for both indoor and outdoor courts is not an easy task in itself. Add to that an under $20 budget and you will face some challenging issues. If there ever was a model that managed to satisfy all of our criteria, that would be Baden Crossover Flex Composite Basketball. This amazing model… Read More »

Spalding Varsity Rubber Basketball Review

Spalding is one of the biggest names in the world of basketball equipment and they feature some amazing products. Their business strategy is centered on all basketball lovers and this model only goes to prove that. Spalding Varsity Rubber Outdoor Basketball is one of the cheapest outdoor basketballs on the market. We wanted to find… Read More »

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball Review

Mikasa might not be a first name that comes to mind when mentioning basketball, but that in no way means they have nothing to offer. On the contrary, their basketball apparel and equipment is on par with the rest of the manufacturers. We tested a Mikasa BX 1000 model and found that a 4.5-star user… Read More »

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

The difference between indoor and outdoor basketballs is huge. While indoor basketballs are built to be consistent and soft, the ones made for outdoors playing focus on durability. In this category, a Spalding NBA Street Basketball stands out and serves as a standard for all comparisons. We thoroughly tested this ball in order to see… Read More »