Two ball dribbling drills

two ball dribbling drillDribbling is one of the core components of basketball, especially at one-on-one games where individual skills plays a major role in witch of the two players is going to gain advantage for easy points. So coming from that I want to make it clear – ball handling is a thing that every team and individual player should work on a regular basis. If you are a professional player you can’t tell fast about improvements of your ball handling by working on this drill, but if you are just starting to learn basketball secrets you will notice pretty fast that this drill helps you to handle the ball better pretty fast. It’s doesn’t matter in what position you play, you can be a tall guy and play at center or power forward and most of your play consists of post moves you should also work on this drill to improve ball handle, it simply helps to develop hands and feel the ball better. If you play in PG, SG, SF this drill is essential component to your skills arsenal. You should work on this drill at least 10 minutes a day, even that little effort will give an effect and make you a better ball handler. Check out this video tutorial from Devin Mehra:

Benefits of using two balls

  • Helps to get warm faster as more energy is needed
  • Both hands get used to ball before the game
  • You will polish your dribbling with both hands
  • Ability to change dribbling hands faster
  • Much better feel for the ball

You can also perform this workout before the game to warm up. Doing it you will start to feel basketball better and will be ready to play in a matter of minutes. Talking about using these in your periodic workouts I”m not even talking – they are essential.