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Two ball dribbling drills

Dribbling is one of the core components of basketball, especially at one-on-one games where individual skills plays a major role in witch of the two players is going to gain advantage for easy points. So coming from that I want to make it clear – ball handling is a thing that every team and individual… Read More »

Drills to break in your brand new basketball

A lot of people are asking: what it means to “”break in” basketball ball and how to do it. Here I will try to cover what is that and how it works. We got many questions regarding that because people who are looking to buy a ball and gathering information are seeing feedback who states… Read More »

Nice pull back trick from Andre Iguodala

Today we will consider one simple, but very effective feint, and this video will conduct a lesson of basketball and will explain technology of performance of Andre Iguodala. For a start let’s watch video, and we will sort highlights to which it is necessary to pay attention below, studying this movement. So, key moments: Active… Read More »