8 excellent basketball drills for jumping and starting speed improvement

Today we offer you excellent video from which you will be able to learn 8 excellent exercises aimed at the development your jumping abilities, and starting speed!

Exercises are picked with purpose to imitate the different movements of basketball players during the game that makes them twice effective. To carry out them, you will need some eminence, it is desirable stationary. It is possible to also use the STRONG chair, but it is not DESIRABLE — it is not static and the probability simply to fall increases by jumping on it. Well it is also desirable that when performing exercises you had a ball in your hands — it will do exercises approximate to real game situations. So take a look at video we have here and practice!

Thanks for attention! 🙂 We hope that this video will help to make your game better and of course it will make you stronger – that is for sure!